I’m Sergio, an Undergraduate student studying Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.

My plans for this site:

Through this site, I plan to log my progress and keep a personal reference to various steps in my projects. I think of it as an informal report for all my more complex projects; A way to look back and remember what I did if I ever go back to improve something I built, check how it works if I need to use it after a while of not using it, or even just to admire my work and learn from previous mistakes!

I also plan to show off projects I am happy with and hopefully inspire readers to build similar things.

Not all posts will be made public, some being for unfinished projects or simply not ready to be made available. More content is therefore to come!

What this site is not:

A how-to guide. I do hope to inspire readers to recreate similar projects and improve them. However, I don’t expect anyone to follow my projects step-by-step! Doing your own research is very important when tinkering.

A CV. This website is not a list of my projects, nor is it tailored to anyone. It’ll give you a rough idea of what I’ve been up to but isn’t a list of my experiences.